Examining the hellacious and fallacious

Since 1975, the scholars and scientists of IAPS have been rigorously investigating all things paranormal and supernatural with the goal of advancing the scientific understanding of these oft-misunderstood fields of study.

Though IAPS puts a particular emphasis on the study of spirits (ghosts, poltergeists) and inhuman entities (demons, goblins, deities, banshees, etc.), our work has also made significant contributions on the topics conjuring, cryptozoology, astral projection, ESP, possession and oppression, glossolalia, doppelgängers, spirit guides, and fairies.

Dr. Hayward's 2020 study of cursed objects

Our current study, led by Dr. Diane Hayward, seeks to better understand the nature of belief. Dr. Hayward and her team are approaching this topic through the lens of allegedly haunted and cursed objects.

They hope to determine the role that demonstrable, scientific factors such as infrasound, electrical interference, peer pressure, preconceived notions, confabulation, and external trickery play in the perception of supposedly cursed objects such as the infamous Daymare Box.

They also hope to understand how certain objects make us hear and see horrific things that are not actually there. How else can we possibly explain the occurrences associated with these haunted objects? We cannot. At least not with the science we know.

The significance of the Daymare Box

Though Dr. Hayward’s study involves myriad cursed and haunted objects, the infamous Daymare Box stands out because of the sheer number of deaths and events surrounding it. For this reason, we ask for your assistance with this specific artifact. Please sign up now to advance science by witnessing the box’s opening.

The only known handbill that remains for this 1912 event. Noted spiritualist W.T. Stead brought the Daymare Box aboard the ill-fated ship as a curious showpiece for first-class passengers. It survived the sinking of the ship, but tragically, its guardian did not.

There are no records indicating how the box found its way back to land, but by 1915, it had found a new owner. Since then, it has had many homes—and has left a trail of death and destruction in its wake. The Institute acquired the box for the purposes of this study in August 2020. 

This October, open the Daymare Box with us

Dr. Hayward requests your assistance with this important study. Come, bear witness to the opening of the box. What’s the worst that could happen?

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