About Us

Cast & Crew

This experience would not be possible without the support of The Basement in EAV and the talents of our brilliant cast and crew. Huge gratitude and love to everyone on our Atlanta-based team.

Freddy Boyd

Freddy Boyd is an actor, comedian, and proud member of both Dad’s Garage’s Featured Performers and Village Theatre’s Main Cast. He’s performed in several stage plays at Dad’s, including Black Nerd, Lawrenceburg, and Ad Nauseum. He’s also played on many stages around Atlanta and festivals around the country with his independent teams: Tipsy Zone, The Cardigan Party, Bret and Freddy are Roommates, and Freddy, Sara, and Andrew Have a Dance Party! His name’s Freddy, by the way. In case you missed it. He loves you. Platonically. But, it’s real.

Hannah-Rose Broom

Hannah-Rose Broom (she/her/they) is an actor, artist, and yoga teacher. Having attended the University of Oklahoma and University of Georgia she trained in the methods of Stanislavsky, Michael Chekov, and Strasberg. Her vocal performance training is based upon Patsy Rodenburg and Kristin Linklater, and she has harnessed acting through movement from her studies of Viewpoints, Lecoq, and Yoga. A lover of movement and immersive theatre, a scaredy-cat of all things horror, and a partial believer in exposure therapy, Hannah-Rose is both delighted and petrified to be joining Nonsense ATL’s “Cursed.” She is represented by Stewart Talent Atlanta.

Jordan Blair Brown

Jordan was born in Kentucky and grew up on Lake Cumberland performing in community/regional theaters. Jordan received a dual degree in Theatre/Paralegal Studies followed by an invitation to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City. Her focus transitioned from the stage to film in 2013 when she landed her first lead role in the Independent film Love My Country. Her passion presides in entertaining and educating. She is represented by Aligned Stars Agency. Jordan is an actress known for The Right Stuff, The Resident, and Dynasty.

Jay Dempsey

Georgia native and Atlanta-based actor Jay Dempsey was once told he needed to “learn to act right,” so he headed to Alliance Theatre for classes, and the rest is history. Jay plays the lead in the film portion of Cursed and is obsessed with Muppets.

Adelle Drahos

Adelle is a SCAD alumni and has been working professionally out of Atlanta for over seven years. Her credits can be found on IMDB or by chatting with her. When she’s not acting, she can be found hiking, crafting, or writing. An avid lover of autumn and the curiosities of night, Adelle is thrilled to share this unique and perhaps terrifying experience with you. Good luck and don’t forget to say your prayers.

Madison Hatfield

Madison is an actor, writer, and comedian. She co-wrote the award-winning feature film Pageant Material and co-wrote and stars in the 2020 short film Jenna Gets An Abortion. She is a sketch, standup, and improv performer  and teaches courses in sketch writing as well as feature/pilot screenwriting. She is a producer of the theatre company Shakespeare on Draught and a low-key celebrity with local parents thanks to her renowned story times at Little Shop of Stories.

Emily Nedvidek

Emily (she/her/hers) is an Atlanta-based actress and hot dog connoisseur with a Masters in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She also has a BA in Theatre and Communications from Wake Forest University (GO DEACS!). She is represented by Houghton Talent. Her previous Atlanta credits include MAC|BETH (Synchronicity Theatre), Christmas with the Crawfords (Out Front Theatre), and Bullets Over Broadway (GET). She is just hoping she won’t get nightmares from this.

Laurie Catherine Winkel

Laurie is an Atlanta-based actor, voiceover artist, and podcast host who earned her Bachelor’s in Theatre Performance from the University of Kansas. Her television and film credits include MacGyver, Off the Air (Adult Swim), and Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared, Dead Silent, and Dark Waters. Her voiceover clients have included Microsoft, Hallmark, The Walking Dead: March to War, Squidbillies, and many other audiobooks, video games, and commercials.


Director/Writer – Kimberly Turner

Kimber (she/her/hers) is an Atlanta-based writer and DJ who is obsessed with all things horror and immersive theater. She was named Best Resident DJ in Creative Loafing‘s 2018 Best of Atlanta. She has worked as a writer and editor for national publications in the US and Australia and served as managing editor of Atlanta magazine. She currently runs the magazine division at Madison/Miles Media and is determined to make at least one good thing happen in 2020: this show.

Lighting & Sound – Scott Lockhart

Scott (he/him/his) is a cofounder of NonsenseATL, where he has spent the last 13 years making magic with lighting and sound and transforming spaces for a variety of events. He is from Sydney, Australia, works in technology by day, and has a fake kangaroo in his yard.

Made in Atlanta

Cursed is a production of NonsenseATL. Best known for providing Atlanta with 13 years of raucous dance parties, NonsenseATL is temporarily turning its attention to more pandemic-appropriate fun. We love you, Atlanta.