What does this infamously cursed box hold within? There's only one way to find out. Are you brave enough? Join us for an intimate evening of paranormal mysteries.

Cursed is not a haunted house. It’s not an escape room. It’s not a play. It is a unique Halloween experience for an audience of just 11 courageous souls. Immersive, multi-sensory, interactive—like a choose-your-own-adventure book come to life.

Sign up now to help the Institute for Atypical & Peculiar Sciences with its study of this cursed artifact.

A Covid-safe Halloween experience you can feel good about

Masks Strictly Enforced

No one will be admitted without a mask. Anyone who removes their mask or wears it improperly (yes, it must cover your nose) will be removed without refund.

Social Distancing

Your safety is our top priority, so this event is limited to just 11 participants per time slot. Seats are a minimum of 6 feet apart, and the area around the bar is clearly marked for social distancing.

Completely Contactless

The check-in process, drink purchasing, and all other aspects of this event are completely contactless. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the venue.

Temperature Checks

Though we know that not all COVID carriers present with a temperature (or any symptoms at all), a contactless temperature check at the door is just one extra level of defense. No one with a fever will be admitted.

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Atlanta Halloween Paranormal Experience 2020

What to expect

Cursed is an immersive theater production. You’ll be one of just 11 participants helping the Institute of Atypical & Peculiar Sciences with the allegedly haunted Daymare Box. You will have conversations with performers, explore the collection of cursed objects, make choices that steer the narrative, and take actions that have consequences.

From the moment you enter The Basement, an East Atlanta venue reportedly haunted by shadow people, you will be part of the story. Explore the box, explore yourself, leave reality behind for one night.

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